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zp150 to zp151 High Performance Composite Conversion

3D Systems is pleased to announce zp®151 – the new, high- performance composite powder for the current ZPrinter® 3D Printers. zp151 builds upon zp150's great pedigree and takes 3D printing even further with improved color performance and whiteness, improved green strength, and improved fine detail creation. To take advantage of the whiter canvas which zp151 creates, a brand new set of color binders, zb63, are also being launched on the ZPrinter 650 and 850. zb63 colors are specially formulated for the whiter powder, as well as improved droplet formation for superb multi-color models.

The unique features of zp151 include the following:

grinder 2 300x183Best Color and Whiteness

  • Brightest whites – 11% whiter than zp150
  • More than 6 million unique colors on the ZPrinter 650 and 850 (8% more than zp150).
  • 16% better color accuracy for light tones
  • Multiple Color settings on the ZPrinter 650 and 850 for more customized 3D models: Vivid for bright colors and Natural for lifelike colors.

Highest strength

  • 10% stronger before infiltration than zp150
  • 40% stronger with Z-Bond™ 90 than zp130
  • Improved fine detail creation compared to zp150

Water Cure with Epsom Salt Finishing Option

  • Easy and user-friendly post-processing option – only water and salt are required to seal and strengthen your printed parts
  • Works best with monochrome models, but also works with color models for draft color

Great Versatility

  • Compatible with Water Cure, Wax, Z-Bond and Z-Max - something for every application
  • No more choosing between powders - one powder does it all!


zp 151 requires a new revision of ZPrint 7.15, and new printer firmware.


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